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How Are Designer Handbags Made?

How Are Designer Handbags Made?

Discover how each Akinna Milano piece is perfected into elegance 
Handbags have forever been a lady's favourite companion. Whether it’s a brunch or a boardroom meeting they can provide the perfect boost of confidence. A statement piece will always help you put your best foot forward as they have the ability to make any person feel powerful and in control. And well, no wonder, handbags have always had a separate shelf for themselves. Luxury handbags are, indeed, the perfect mix of the most recent trends and inherited traditions.
But have you ever wondered about how these lovely bags come to life? How your beloved Akinna Milano bags are made? Well, you are in luck as we have put together the journey of your lovely companion from start to finish.
So, let us discover how these lovely masterpieces, meant to be passed onto future generations, are put together – Making luxury handbags is an intricate process that requires excellent artisanship, genuine quality, perfect design and a touch of individualism. It starts with designing, pattern making, choosing the right material and is finally concluded by bringing it all together.

The Design Process

The journey of every designer bag starts with a thought, an idea that gives birth to exclusivity. The very first step is the design process of a handbag, which includes sight, perspective, newness without compromising the brand individuality. 
A problem-solving approach always helps in finding right direction in an optimized manner. This includes in-depth study and several do’s and don’ts as well as multiple designs and layouts that include big and minute details alike about the handbag. This isn’t one day’s work, it takes numerous days and retakes to reach the final design that is taken forward.

Pattern Making

One thing that is appreciated about a good handbag is its precise minutiae and dimensions, and, the pattern has the key role to play for this admiration. Once the design is confirmed and approved by the team, the second step in the process is creating a perfect pattern of the bag. Pattern making is essentially altering a flat sheet into a three-dimensional object as per the design. Experienced pattern makers understand that even the slightest change in measurement can disrupt the whole beauty of the piece.

Picking the Material

The third step in the process is to pick the right material that goes with the design perfectly. Giving birth to a design and bringing it to life has a lot to do with the material - the feel, the texture, longevity and its appearance, of course. Right material will add the x factor that makes a bag unique. 

Assembling the beauty

Now since the chosen material is already processed and customized according to pattern, it’s time to assemble all the parts like the charms, hardware, and strap. Assembling process includes attaching all the pieces, sewing them carefully to create a structure and adding other attachments - logo, straps and so on. Assembling is the most awaited process as it finally brings the idea to life by displaying the final piece that is the result of countless hours that have been worked hard for. 
The details in the process can go on and on since the journey is about making something exceptional and unique. So, the next time when you add an Akinna product to your collection you already have a sneak peek about its journey and know that each piece is crafted with love!!