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“Made in Italy”

“Made in Italy”

A Tag that Defines the True Essence of Craftsmanship 

Made in Italy is simply a phrase that belongs to the world of luxury, celebrating experienced craftsmanship. It is not simply an indication of origin printed on a product but is a guarantee that declares the quality and uniqueness of the product itself. Made in Italy offers an experience and is just not a product. Thanks to being made in Italy, we can remind the world about Italy’s cultural heritage, traditions and show how much dedication they show towards the detail in the process of creating the product itself. A luxury brand aims at providing individuality and singularity in their products.

Luxury is more about oneness, adding a journey that belongs with product, quality, experience, and details added by experienced hands, in every step in its making. The reason behind the emphasis on a “made in Italy” tag is to attract the customer eye. It is driven on the idea of elegance, power, and trust built over a period of time. Italy has mastered the art of detailing, fineness, purity, and quality.

A luxury brand believes in coming up with exclusivity and evident attention towards the detailing from inception to execution. The world has evolved a lot in the past few decades in terms of technology and the process of making leather goods, but Italy polished its craftsmanship over years and kept that hand carving essence untouched at the same time. 

While we talk about how they have mastered it and why we consider it made in Italy, it is the luxury and ethics associated with its making. The process of selecting the best material, an eco-friendly tanning process without compromising the environment. All of this is still not sufficient for a customer, because they are looking for something more than a product to showcase as their own. Hence, we at Akinna Milano believe in matching these expectations by creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the customer.

vanessa bag in the making