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Luxury Leather Bags: Exploring Trends and Innovations

Luxury Leather Bags: Exploring Trends and Innovations

Shortly after the spectacular end of the Milano Fashion Week 2024, our CEO and the team took a seat to analyse the newest fashion trends, styles, and innovations from the luxury brand market. As seen on the runway and according to our research, the leather bags and accessories have completely changed the fashion game of the F/W 24 collection. From feathers and fur to bag charms, micro to macro bags; accessories truly have the power to amp up your style game. Let’s delve into the recent trends in the Italian luxury leather bags!
Feathers and Fur

While the luxury brands showcased lesser prints and bold designs this season, we surely noticed one common factor of snowballing on the accessories. A trend that never goes unnoticed! Adding a little bit of drama to your bag is definitely a cherry on top. Especially on those days when your outfit seems basic, you can always opt for a black designer bag, like Lia from Akinna Milano. Lia Bag with Feathers by Akinna Milano

Micro bags
Of course, totes are fun, you can fit your whole world in it. However, if anything MFW 2024 season has taught us, it’s ‘Less is more’. A quintessential feminine need is definitely a micro or small bag! Get inspired by the trends straight off the runway and pair the little IT bag with your well suited outfit, or carry it along with a slouched pair of jeans and a tee. You can always count on a Petite bag from Akinna Milano to give you that main character energy.

 Vanessa Petite- Ostrich by Akinna Milano

Structured Statement Pieces
If you were ever wondering if structure and statement goes together, here’s your assurance! With 90% of earthy tones, followed by pitch black silhouettes and a pop of color, one thing our CEO noticed is the amplified definition of accessories, especially bags. A statement bag always exudes an unrestricted yet chic tone. Whether you’re rocking an all denim look, or sitting in the front row of a fashion show, a structured statement bag like Louv from Akinna Milano will always steal the spotlight.

 Louv Bag- Akinna Emerald Green by Akinna Milano

Bag Charms
You are what your bag is! While everyone is still rocking their quiet luxury era, adding a little bit of spice and personality to your accessories is just the icing on a cake. As seen on the runway, bag charms like lolipop holders, golden chains, jewels, faux fur pom, etc are definitely fashion INs for the S/S collection. Stacking your bag with charms like the Lusso from Akinna Milano steals the show every time you step out in any outfit.

Lusso Bag by Akinna Milano

If you still haven’t gotten a charm for your bag yet, stay tuned, because Akinna Milano is dropping some charms for your everyday bags to get that playful touch. Now that you are well aware of the recent trends, here’s our guide to be the next style icon as well.
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