Timeless Luxury For The Women Of Now

Made In Italy

A Tag That Defines The True Essence Of Craftmanship

The Cut

Launched in 2022, Akinna’s design language champions style, creativity, and freedom. The three-dimensional cuts of our bags represent this by fusing cutting-edge technology with simple yet elegantdesigns.

The Akinna Icon

Each product can be distinguished with Akinna icons that are sleek, simple, and set the tone foridentity. The Akinna logo is symbolised by a pared-down ‘A’. It’s effortless, luxurious, and addsfreshness to our creations.

The V

Each bag at Akinna stands out for its details. It’s the little things that matter to us. The unique V-shaped framework, for instance, makes the Akinna silhouettes versatile and significantly stylish.

The Akinna Green

One of the key elements that give our brand a strong personality is colour. The Akinna green is aninimitable hue that sets us apart. It’s a classic colour universally known for hope, optimism andrenewal — ideas we value and cherish deeply at Akinna.