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Girl Math: Zodiac+Akinna Milano=Cosmic Vibe

Girl Math: Zodiac+Akinna Milano=Cosmic Vibe

Did you know that your wardrobe choices are fashionably affected by your zodiac signs? While you blame the mercury retrograde for your indecisiveness, pushing you over the edge or nudging you to take unhinged decisions like texting your ex; you can’t blame it for your fashion choices. Being chic at all times is a huge YES, regardless of your zodiac sign. Trust us, we've questioned the Magic 8 ball about this ;) 
While we can't stop the mercury from rolling into the retrograde, we can certainly help you pick a great fashion accessory based on your zodiac sign. 
If you're an Aries or Taurus, boldness and adventurous energy runs throughout your spirits. A sturdy crossbody like Lia Bag from Akinna Milano is a perfect fit for your ready-to-go personality.

Lia Bag with Top Handle- Antique Gold

Gemini & Cancer are known for their versatility and adaptability. They are often drawn to things which give them comfort. Nothing makes them happiest to discover things which are multifunctional- just like a Two Way Mini Tote from Akinna Milano.

Two- Way Tote: Pebbled

Leos are already famous for their love of luxury. They have the main character energy and like to stand out from the other zodiac signs. A statement designer handbag like Louv from Akinna Milano would likely suit their dramatic flair.

Louv Bag - Akinna Emerald Green

Virgo & Libra make the best pair when it comes to appreciating practicality and attention to detail along with sense of style and harmony. Virgos and Libras are drawn to elegance, sophistication, and quality craftsmanship. As their charisma and charm instantly win people over, the most elegant Vanessa Bag from Akinna Milano perfectly compliments them off.

Vanessa Bag in White

Scorpios are drawn to intensity and express themselves in the maximal yet minimal manner. Even when they're not trying, they have the ability to win someone over. A sleek and edgy Petite Bag from Akinna Milano with golden hardware accents could resonate with any Scorpion nature.

Vanessa Petite - Ostrich

Sagittarius and Capricorn signs are structured but exude their love for exploration in their own ways. While they have a let's-go kind of personality, they’re definitely sure where they are heading towards. A combination of structure yet love for aesthetics, makes them stand out like a Barrel Bag from Akinna Milano.

Aquarius and Pisces energies are perhaps the most original and artistic signs out there. A quirky and unique statement bag might appeal to their avant-garde personalities. If any bag they would resonate with, it would be The Lusso from Akinna Milano!

Lusso Bag by Akinna Milano

Ultimately, the best bag for any sign is one that suits their personal style, needs, and preferences. Just in case you’re unsure of the above recommendations, you can always count on our bag charms to seal the deal with charming energies!

Charms by Akinna Milano

Mercury retrograde can stop you from being rational, but it can’t stop you from being fashionable!
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